A long-time contra dancer, I started calling contra dances in the Pacific Northwest in early 2016. Since then I've been graced with excellent mentoring from the talented calling community both in and outside the Seattle area. With a soft cadence, a warm air, and a cheerful personality, I strive to bring moments of magic into the lives of newcomers and veteran dancers alike. Contra has always held a special place in my heart and I try to share that love with every dance I visit.


 Some time before I started calling contra, I began writing my own dances. Along the way I like to think I turned over a few of the right stones. Some of my dances have been called more than others, but I trust every dance I've introduced to deliver a fun and engaging affair, from four potatoes to the final phrase. At this point I've written more than sixty dances, a good portion of which are available upon request. Here are a few current favorites from my collection:

Last Hey

Formation: Becket, CW
A1: Circle left 3/4
  Rings balance, pass through
A2: Ladies allemande left 1.5x
  Short waves balance
  Partner allemande right 3/4
B1: Ladies L.S. full hey
B2: Partner balance / swing
Notes: Based on Paul Balliet's First Hey, but with a little more punch, pep,
   and zest to go along with the switch to Becket.

Robin Shall Restore Amends

Formation: Dup Imp
A1: Rings balance, PTR one place -> long waves, gents face out
  Balance waves F/B, box circulate CW
A2: Balance waves F/B, box circulate CW
   Balance waves R/L, slide right
B1: Partner balance / swing
B2: Circle left 3/4
   Rings balance, pass through U/D
Notes: When teaching this one I make a point of identifying who is chasing
   whom in the box circulate, otherwise dancers will often find
   themselves a bit lost when they circulate away from their partner.

Three Klicks North

Formation: Becket, CW
A1: Right and left through across
  Circle left 3/4
  Partner cali twirl
A2: Circle left 1/2
  Neighbor swing
  Gents mad robin
B2: Gents cross LS
  Partner turn right shoulder, swing

Down the Coast

Formation: Dup. Improper
A1: Left hands-across star 1x, ladies drop out
  Gents allemande LH 1.5x
A2: Partner balance/swing
B1: Couples pass right, revolving door (ladies catch RH, alle. to Neighbor)
   Neighbor swing
B2: Circle left 1x
   Ladies allemande 3/4
   Ladies catch LH w/next, allemande LH 1x
Notes: As the ladies finish their allemande in the B2, gents should slide left and get ready
   to drop into the hands-across star.

Two Waves, Two Ways

Formation: Becket, CW 2x
A1: Rings balance, pass the ocean
  Short waves balance
  Gents swing through
A2: Neighbor balance/swing
B1: Long lines forward/back
  (new) gents R.S. half hey
  Take hands in long waves, gents face in
B2: Long waves balance f/b
  Gents cross, ladies loop
  Partner swing
Notes: The first progression here happens in the hey. When dancers take hands in
    long waves to box circulate, the second progression has already happened.